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Train your memory with our memory games

By Bram 07 October 2014

Try your best and improve your memory!

Various researches have shown that you can train and improve your memory with memory games. These games normally focus on the working memory (a.k.a. short term memory). This is a temporary storage place of task-related information. For instance, when calculating a sum, these numbers get stored temporarily in your working memory. After you have finished, they are gone.

There are various brain games all over the web. We at provide you with a total package where you can follow your improvements and you can compare yourself with others. This makes training your brain fun, useful and challenging.

With our games Digit and Mentile, you can improve your working memory. By remembering how the tiles are placed and remembering in which order the numbers are shown and reproducing it, you can train and improve your working memory.
brain game digit

The memory games that we develop at BrainGymmer are aimed at adults and they are also frequently used for seniors who want to improve their memory.