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Why BrainGymmer?

science to fun

Turning science into fun

Together with neuroscientists, our team transforms science based exercises into fun and challenging games for the brain!

10 minutes a day

Training your brain without any effort

Ten minutes a day is all it takes to keep your brain in shape, just like sports strengthens your body!

benefit daily

Notice the effect in everyday life

Improve your day-to-day cognitive skills like facial recognition, concentration, math, short-term memory and much more!

Brain training games for all cognitive skills

Your brain has an enormous range of abilities, which can be divided in five major cognitive skills. Our brain games challenge you to exercise these skills

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All brain games are based on trusted psychological tasks and tests. So use our free brain games to improve your memory, attention, thinking speed, perception and logical reasoning!

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Nice! Probably the best free brain games that I've tried


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I really noticed the difference since I started doing online brain training!


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I wanted to find games to improve concentration and found them in BrainGymmer!


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Fair amount of brain games for adults that work on my phone as well


What people often ask us

What is brain training?

Brain training, is the usage of digital exercises, also called brain games. Those exercises are used to stimulate mental activities with the purpose of improving your cognitive abilities.

Do brain games really work?

Brain games are a very new science, and many researchers are still discovering the effects. While tens of millions of people world wide are using brain games, scientific results are still very much in the process of being discovered. Currently we support a variety of international universities in their studies.

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You only have one brain, take good care of it.