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Why BrainGymmer?

BrainGymmer is the online gym for your brain. Thousands of people across the world train with BrainGymmer. Our brain games and tests help you train your memory, concentration and perception. 10 minutes of brain training a day provides your brain the boost it needs to become and stay stronger. This way you'll feel mentally fit and perform better at work, study and sports. And best of all ... It's fun!
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Our brain training games

Diversity is important to improve your mental fitness. Therefore we offer you 31 fun and challenging brain games that help you train the following major cognitive categories.
All games are based on trusted psychological tasks and tests.
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The advantages of training with BrainGymmer

More succesful and healthier

A fit brain makes you more successful and healthier. It protects you against mental problems, memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer's disease.


BrainGymmer's brain games and tests were created in collaboration with neuroscientists from 5 universities.

What users say

  • Edward

    'BrainGymmer games challenge me to think and remember as much as possible.'
    Edward, 76

  • Margo

    'I like the brain training exercises, it is becoming easier for me to remember names and places etc.'
    Margo, 57

  • Anna

    'I've had brain damage for 2 years, I do my brain exercises daily.'
    Anna, 85

  • Alexander

    'My mother has dementia and with BrainGymmer I have found something to help her.'
    Alexander, 41

  • Isaac

    'I notice that I am getting better and better in the exercises, but the exercises keep challenging me.'
    Isaac, 46

  • Franscesca

    'It's nice that the brain games become more and more difficult if you get better at it, so I remain challenged.'
    Franscesca, 61

  • Esther

    'After training for a while with BrainGymmer's exercises, I notice that I can remember numbers better.'
    Esther, 44

  • Steven

    'I started to forget names a bit faster, that's why I practice with BrainGymmer's games to make my memory stronger.'
    Steven, 83

  • Sylvia

    'I train with different BrainGymmer brain games every day.'
    Sylvia, 65

  • Jim

    'I train every day on the train to work, the exercises keep me busy.'
    Jim, 45

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