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About us

BrainGymmer is an online brain training program that offers brain games, brain tests and brain teasers to train your brain. BrainGymmer was developed together with neuroscientists. Thousands of people worldwide use BrainGymmer every day to train their brains with our fun and challenging exercises.

The benefits of BrainGymmerBrain games science

Training with BrainGymmer stimulates your brain to gain strength and stay stronger. Because the level of difficulty of our brain games adapts to your game performance, our brain games continue to challenge your brain.
If your brain works better, you’ll perform better at daily activities such as work or studying.

Various studies show that a fit, active and regularly challenged brain makes you healthier and more successful. In addition, a fit and active brain protects you from the first principles of memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer and other mental illnesses.

Users of our platform tell us they feel more alert, less forgetful and more focused, regardless of their age.

What you train with BrainGymmer

By transforming science-based exercises into games, we make brain training both fun and challenging. Due to the fun gameplay, you won't even realize that you are training. Only ten minutes of brain training a day already improves the cognitive skills that you use every day. Like your concentration, memory, focus, thinking speed, language skills and math skills.

What are the costs?

After registration, you can use our brain games, tests and exercises for free. However, you won't have access to our entire brain training program with a free account.
Do you want to add variety to your training? We recommend you to upgrade to BrainGymmer Pro. With BrainGymmer Pro, you'll get full access to all brain games and other exercises to train your brain.


The Pro section of the BrainGymmer website offers you the following benefits:

Click here to upgrade to BrainGymmer Pro and benefit from our entire brain training program.

Brain Fitness Index (BFI)

Your score will be saved with every brain game played. This score is based on two essential factors regarding your cognitive performance, these are your reaction speed and your accuracy. The Brain Fitness Index (BFI) is a cumulative score that compares your score with those of other BrainGymmer users. You can compare this with an IQ score. Your BFI measures how well you are doing compared to other BrainGymmer users in different cognitive areas. You can make the comparison by clicking on 'compare yourself' in your dashboard.

Who uses BrainGymmer?

BrainGymmer has been developed to make brain training for young people and adults fun and challenging. Our games are played by thousands of people worldwide. Most of our users train with BrainGymmer to stay mentally fit, because they want to be challenged and because they like our brain games.


There are also many elderly people and adults who do their brain gymnastics with our mind games to train their brain. Everyone can play our brain games because they adapt to your own performance. As a result, playing our games is suitable for mentally healthy people looking for a way to stay mentally fit, as well as an exercise for patients with brain injury who play our games on their own level.

BrainGymmer is also used by various foundations specialized in supporting people with brain injury. These people who, for instance, suffered a stroke, accident or brain tumor usually can’t just go back to work or school. BrainGymmer is regularly used by these people as an exercise method. The BFI helps the supervisors to gain insight into the progress of their clients.

We at BrainGymmer are proud our games help the recovery of those clients, or at the very least help to reduce the impact of the brain injury. If you are involved in such an organization and want to use BrainGymmer for your clients, please contact us directly.

About the developers

BrainGymmer is a product of Dezzel Media, which was founded in the Netherlands in 2010 with a mission to create playful tools to improve mental health. 
As we all know, the rising cost of healthcare combined with an ageing population creates a demand for new ways of improving our physical and mental health.

It is estimated that 25% of the world population will face some kind of mental disease or issue in life, with dementia becoming a big part of it.
The foundation of our work is neuroscience, which is why we work together with respected universities in this field to continuously improve and validate our work. 

The BrainGymmer team continues to develop new games and improve our current ones. Here for we need your input. Do you have an idea on how to make our games more fun and challenging for you? Please give us your feedback. This can be done immediately after playing the game by clicking on "Feedback". But you can also send an email to

BrainGymmer for research

In the past years, we have built specific functionality in BrainGymmer to support scientific research. BrainGymmer is at the moment being used for research by the University of Amsterdam, VU Medical Center, Calgary University, Maastricht University, Leiden University, The Hague University and Sophia Revalidation.

BrainGymmer is currently being used for research into:
• Cognitive training effects of children with non-congenital brain injury;
• Cognitive training effects of schizophrenia;
• Cognitive training effects after a stroke

brain training science

The great benefit of using BrainGymmer in scientific research is that participants like to play our thinking games. 
So they are willing to spend time and finish the research. It’s an effective and easy way for researchers to collect data.
We have supported various scientific studies by setting up experimental and controlled conditions.
When you are in the process of preparing a research and need a cognitive training platform, BrainGymmer is the right choice for you!

Contact us about how we can support your research with BrainGymmer. Send an email to or call us at +31 36 711 61 58