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BrainGymmer - Research Platform

BrainGymmer as a platform for academic research studies
Over the years we have built specific functionality into BrainGymmer to support academic research studies. Clients that use BrainGymmer in their studies include the University of Amsterdam, V.U. Medical Center, Leiden University, Calgary University, Maastricht University, Sophia Rehabilitation Care.

Study examples: cognitive training effects for children with acquired brain impairment / cognitive training effects schizophrenia / cognitive training effects after stroke.

The advantage of using BrainGymmer for scientific research: participants love to play brain training games are prepared to invest time and effort, drop off rates are low.  It is an effective and easy way to gather research data.

If you are setting up a research study in which you need a cognitive training platform for your participants, BrainGymmer suits your needs. This is how we support research studies:
  • We can define experimental conditions and control conditions. For example, in your experimental condition you let 1 group train with 5 working memory games, in the control condition you let them do something else, but still on the same platform. For the control condition we have various exercises to choose from.
  • We can set up  ‘groups’, each group having its own set of games to train with. One group may train with 5 working memory games, the other group with 5 concentration games.
  • According to your desired training protocol, we can predefine ‘workouts’, for example, you can let your research participants follow 30 training sessions in the course of 6 weeks, each workout consisting of 20 minutes with your own predefined set of brain games in a particular order that you required.
  • We send you weekly data with the scores per participant (when they trained, their achievements and more). All data on our system is anonymous, linked to user id’s that hold no personal information.
  • We can configure the games in a way that they suit your research needs, for example, you may want 1 game to last 3 minutes instead of 1. Once all the games are configured we ‘freeze’ them for as long as your study takes.
BrainGymmer For Research is available as a browser version (works on desktop, tablet, phone) as well as an app (tablet, phone).  For research purposes, we suggest you use one platform only (web or app)  so that the user interface in itself will not impact your study results.
Contact us to find out how we can support your research study with BrainGymmer. Send an email to or call +31 36 7116158