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Counting faster with our brain game Birdz

By Bram 10 July 2014

How to get a higher score with Birdz

The concept of the game is quite simple. Count the right birds and fill in how much you have counted. It’s like, 1..2..3...This may work for a while until……Time is up and gone are the birds. How are you supposed to even get a higher score?


Think about a dice

It might sound a little bit strange at first but think about what you have just thrown a dice. After you see that you have thrown 5 or 6 you just play further with the game that you are playing. However, most of the times you do not really count the dots but you just know that you have thrown 5 or 6. That is because the brain has automated to see the dot-structure as 5 or 6. It is grouping them. We recommend this also with our Brain Game Birds of a Feather. Instead of counting them one by one, it becomes a mathematical calculation because you just add the groups to one another.


An example

Count the green birds with the large wings. If you have counted correctly, you have seen that there are 12 green birds with large wings. However, you lack time when playing our Brain Game Birdz. Counting them one by one is not the right strategy. Group these birds as I have done in the picture below.


brain game birdz

You see that there are 4 groups of 3 green birds with big wings. The calculation becomes 4x3=12. This way it becomes way easier than it was before.

Start training with our brain game Birdz and try this strategy.