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Chocolate can reduce the chances of a stroke!

By Mark15 December 2017
Valentine's day is just around the corner! Usually, a lot more chocolate is consumed that day. But don’t feel guilty about eating chocolate!
Eating moderate amounts of chocolate (especially dark chocolate) has scientifically proven benefits for your brain!

Chocolate makes you happy

Chocolate makes you feel happy not only because of its taste. It has compounds such as flavonols and methylxanthines which are suggested to have positive effects on your mood.  


Chocolate boosts brain health.

A recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition Eating mentioned that the regular intake of flavonoids -which can be found in dark chocolate- may protect you against stroke. Furthermore, eating chocolate every now and then also improves your memory, learning ability and focus. The flavonoids accumulate in the brain regions that are involved in learning and memory.

Another research demonstrated that both eating chocolate and drinking hot chocolate improves working memory by the increase of blood flow in the brain. This increase also may help prevent mental decline.

So eating a bar of chocolate improves your cognitive abilities, enhances your mood and keeps your brain healthy! Let this be a good excuse!

This delicious sweet is one of the known “brain foods”.