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Improve your memory with our brain game Mentile

By Bram 14 October 2014

Improve your memory with our brain game Mentile

It might not look like it is that important but your memory does a lot of work. When you lose your memory you lose nearly all of your other abilities. People with dementia and Alzheimer are a good example.

We cannot say that you can cure dementia with our games, we wish we could. But you can prevent forgetfulness and delay any kind of brain disease that causes dementia. Because of that, Mentile is a brain game for adults and seniors who are afraid of losing their memory, but it can be helpful for children and students too.

How does it work?

The concept is actually quite simple. You get to see a number of blue tiles on your screen. They turn around and become grey. Then, click the tiles where the blue ones are hidden. It gets harder when you progress further so it might look easy at first.

You can train your memory with our brain game Mentile for free. 
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