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How to train your brain by doing brain gym exercises

By Ruben04 March 2014

There is a lot of scientific evidence that brain training can really help you improve in cognitive skills.

For instance logic, memory and visual perception. But in order for these training programs to work properly, there is one important factor that we need to take into account: variety in workouts.


Improve by training

A recent study of the University of Amsterdam showed that brain training can be very helpful to improve cognitive skills if the training programs are varied and challenging. This study explains that: “A successful brain training program should preferably include a range of different tasks to engage a multitude of functions, as well as continually offer something new in order for the neuronal system to remain challenged and to create possibilities of maximum enhancement in this population”. So, during brain training, it is necessary to constantly stimulate the brain with new, challenging things. So instead of only focussing on one specific skill, it is better to exercise in more cognitive skills in one workout. This way the brain is stimulated to focus on new things over and over again. And if your brain is challenged in multiple ways, the workouts become more fun for you to do.

This is exactly what we offer at BrainGymmer. You can register right here to start playing our brain exercise games.

We at BrainGymmer offer you workouts of different brain training sessions, keeping you challenged and presenting you with a variety of exercises. Try our multitask workouts for different cognitive exercises to keep you challenged!

The research also pointed out that we as individuals can be cognitively very different than other individuals. One person may have a larger rate of cognitive decline than someone else, while others will not even show any decline at all. So every brain is unique in its own way. In a lot of studies where large cognitive experiments with groups are conducted, these individual differences are often being left out. But individual guidance is key in brain training. We at BrainGymmer offer you 100% personal guidance when you train your brain by playing our games. It is about you, and only you. We present your scores, encourage you to train and reward you when you keep on training!

Brain training really helps; it is fun and rewarding! Start doing brain gym activities today at BrainGymmer and enhance your cognitive abilities!