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Improve your pattern recognition with this Brain Game

By Bram 15 October 2014
The ability of quick pattern recognition has been linked to a high level of intelligence, but how does it actually work? Pattern recognition occurs when you receive information from the environment and your brain saves this into the short-term memory.
Recognizing patterns allow us to predict and expect what is coming. This could be a pattern in numbers, objects, symbols, music and more. Saving this received information into the short-term memory will cause automatic activation of the specific content of the long-term memory.
In the image below you can find a simple example of a sequence of objects.
If you look at the sequence you can find a pattern, this pattern could help you to predict what symbol should be on the question mark.
pattern recognition example 

Strong pattern recognition skills or an error in perception?

So pattern recognition occurs in all kinds of situations. Your brain connects what you see with specific content in the long-term memory, like something you’ve seen or that is familiar to you.
The image below is a perfect example that happens during daily life. Looking at the image is causing your brain to make a connection between what you see and something familiar to you.
Therefore, it is possible that you are seeing something else in the shape of the clouds.  
recognizing patterns in clouds

What do you see? A whale? A submarine?

But, this form of pattern recognition is called Apophenia. This is the perception of causal relationships between events that are unrelated to each other.
This is commonly referred to as an error in perception.  
But don’t worry if you are looking at shapes in clouds and are fantasising about whales and submarines. As long as you aren’t continuously seeing things that actually aren’t existing, it is harmless.

How to improve your pattern recognition skills

Now you know that the ability of quick pattern recognition has been linked to a high level of intelligence, you are probably wondering how to improve pattern recognition skills.
You can improve your pattern recognition skills by practising. Now you know that patterns can appear in numbers, objects, symbols, music and more, you can pay attention to this.
Looking and listening while being aware that there are patterns in things most of the time, helps you to eventually find them easier.
To make training your pattern recognition skills easier and more fun, we created brain games that are designed to stimulate your brain to use these skills.
You can, for example, train your pattern recognition skills with our brain game: Pattern Matrix.
Or test your pattern recognition skills with our pattern recognition test.

Train your pattern recognition skills with Pattern Matrix

With this brain game, you will have to match one tile to his identical counterpart. However, its identical counterpart can be rotated to make this feat a little harder, thus making this a challenging brain training activity.
Start training with Pattern Matrix and improve your pattern recognition skills.

Test yourself with the pattern recognition test

You can also try one of our tests today, with the pattern recognition test you can test how strong your pattern recognition is. This is a great way to test what your starting point is before you train with our brain game.
After training with our brain games for a while, you can do the test again to experience your own growth. Or simply by looking at your own progress after each game on the result page or your dashboard.
Want to test your pattern recognition skills? Start the pattern recognition test.