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Fullscreen brain games, brain training without any distractions

By Jasper05 September 2019

September the 5th was a big day for BrainGymmer as we are finally released the new and improved version of our games. After our first release, a new version of Flip, we continued working on renewing every single of our brain games!

Fullscreen brain games, the new standard

We can proudly say, from that day forward, our games are taken to a new level! They no longer limit themselves to the traditional “web games format” of square blocks in a webpage, but instead, use your entire screen. This allows you to play our games at their max possible size, without any distractions. So you can do what you are here to do, train your brain!

brain game fin old versionbrain game new fullscreen version

Old compared to new fullscreen brain games

After the release of the renewed version of Flip, lot's of other brain games have followed. To give a clear idea of how the renewed version differs from the original versions of the games, we represent some examples of adjusted brain games below.
In the two images below, you can find the old version of Pattern Matrix compared to the new fullscreen version of Pattern Matrix. This brain game is designed to train your perception or more specific, your pattern recognition skills. 

brain game pattern matrix old versionbrain game new fullscreen version

Our all-time favourite, Dolly, is also redesigned and available in fullscreen. Dolly is a fun brain game to train your mind with. This brain game is created to train your planning skills with, which is part of the cognitive function logical thinking. 

brain game dolly old versionbrain game new fullscreen version

For our new users, we have also changed the way you can try our games. You can now play a game without the need to register. Although we still need to create an account to keep track of your progress and compare your progress to others. This is simply to identify who you are, without any unneeded personal information.

Of course, we will still keep a portion of our games available to free users. As we think anyone should be able to train their brain!

We hope you like our new format, which we are the first brain training platform to introduce! Enjoy your training!

Team BrainGymmer