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Train your divided attention with Pengo!

By Yannick13 December 2016
There are various forms of attention. For example, there is selective attention (attention that is used to focus on one specific task or object) and divided attention (attention that is used to focus on multiple tasks or objects). Selective attention is especially used when we focus on one task (for example: reading a book). Divided attention plays an important part in situations that require us to focus on multiple targets (for example: driving a car). Both are important components of attention.

To train your divided attention, Braingymmer has developed the brain game Pengo. In this game, it is key to remember what the penguin looks like and at the same time remember where the fish is located. The further you progress in the game, the shorter the amount of time will be that the penguin and fish are visible. Because you will have to focus on two locations on the screen you will train your divided attention. When you use selective attention, you will only know what the penguin looks like or you will only know the location of the fish, but not both. 

Start training your divided attention with our brain game Pengo!