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Brain training can almost halve the risk of Alzheimer's disease

By Joep28 July 2016
A 10-year study of 3000 elderly Americans found that online brain training can cut the risk of dementia by 48%. These preliminary findings were presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Toronto. Experts have described this scientific breakthrough as 'spectacular', as this is the first time it's shown that any kind of intervention can delay the development of dementia in healthy adults.

Participants of the study were divided into three groups. One got training for memory improvement, one for reasoning and one with computerized training in speed-of-processing. Participants had 10 one-hour training sessions conducted over five weeks. Some received four additional "booster" sessions one year after the original training and four more two years after that. An analysis of the ten-year data was done to look at the time it took individuals to develop dementia.

The findings were that the group that did the computerized speed-of-processing showed 33% less risk of dementia relative to the control group, while the memory and the reasoning interventions offered no such benefit. People who completed 11 or more speed training sessions even had a 48% less risk for developing dementia over the 10 years of the study!

To date, cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists have largely rejected evidence that computer-based cognitive-training or "brain games" have any effect on our cognitive functions.

But what we at Braingymmer were convinced of for a long time already, now finally seems proven: Brain training helps!
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