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Brain training on BrainGymmer helps after brain injury

By Mark20 November 2017
This afternoon I am a guest at InteraktContour.
InteraktContour is a Dutch organization for people who experience problems as a result of brain injury after for example, a stroke, an accident or brain tumor. InteraktContour focuses on specialized care and support.


"You spoil me with all those fun games that I see"

At InteraktContour, dozens of clients train with BrainGymmer. Today I’m watching how Arieke van Hoek, a former childcare manager who suffered brain injury, uses BrainGymmer. Arieke clearly likes it, she likes computer games, "you spoil me with all those fun games I see". Every Friday afternoon she plays BrainGymmer at her own level. BrainGymmer helps her to train her cognitive functions in a fun and effective way. Because the program adapts to the game level of the user, people with brain injury can use it to train their cognitive functions.

brain training after brain injury

High score

Arieke starts with Bubl because she has always liked mental arithmetic. Although I see can see that the balloons follow each other rather quickly for Arieke's game level, I know that when this happens several times the balloons will automatically appear slower. Its clear Arieke really enjoys the game, especially when she improves her high score playing it the second time.


"Those bunnies are so cute"

Upon finishing Bubl she immediately continues with Birdz. I ask her why she likes this game so much, and she indicates that it reminds her of her grandmother who always watched the birds with binoculars from the window. After a short break, she continues with Bunny. She finds the rabbits so cute and confesses that she prefers games with cute characters.

After coffee, Arieke continues with Bait. After about 75 minutes she indicates that she has become tired of the many games she played.


More confidence

It’s great to see how much the InteraktContour clients like playing our games. But they don’t just like it, it also gives them more self-confidence and makes them more alert.

In addition, I received good feedback from Arieke and from her supervisors, we will definitely use that feedback in the development of new games.

Would you like to know more about the ability to use BrainGymmer in healthcare? Send us an e-mail.

           brain training after brain injury