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Your brain on vacation

By Paul29 January 2015

During these winter months, you may like to dream about the summer holidays and the good times you’re going to enjoy the moment you’ll be off from work. Or maybe you’ll be going skiing soon? Jetting off on vacation is more than simply fun and relaxing; it’s good for your brain too!

New situations to enhance mental fitness

New situations can be uncomfortable at times, but they can actually enhance your mental fitness. Travelling a lot and making new social connections helps your brain create new connections. Leaving the ordinary behind and engaging in the extraordinary keeps your brain alert and focused. Remember, use-it-or-lose-it.

Holliday to increase brain vitality 

Vacation can also help at reducing your stress levels. Research has shown that when you go on vacation your stress levels drop, your blood pressure decreases and your immune system is strengthened! These are all things that help your brain’s vitality because what’s good for longevity is often good for your brain as well.

Are you planning to go on holiday, now or in the future? Choose a vacation where you’ll experience a lot of stimuli, combined with where you’ll find the time to relax, for an optimal boost for your brain!


brain during vacation