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Brain games, more than just games

By Jasper24 July 2018


The difference between normal games and brain games

Brain games, mind games, brain training… All these definitions are related to training the brain and cognitive functions, but what is the difference between these games and normal games? We will explain it below.

While normal games are developed for fun, our brain games are specially developed in collaboration with neuroscientists. This makes our games not only suitable for people who looking for games for fun, but also for people who are actually looking for a proper way to keep their cognitive performance sharp or even improve it. According to neuroscience, your brain reaches its peak performance at 16-25 years, after this, the cognitive functions will decline in most of the times.

Because our games are actually developed to keep your mind sharp, they are a perfect fit for not only young but also people above 25. Brain training at BrainGymmer is useful for everyone who is looking for brain games for adults or all ages.



BrainGymmer's brain games

Most of our mind games, or brain games as we call it, are divided into the categories speed, concentration, logic, memory and perception. After training with games of these different categories, you will experience an elevation in scored point on each game.

Curious about our games? Take a look at our game page and try it for free!