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Corona Virus and Braintraining

By Admin04 October 2020
As we live in a world that is highly affected by Covid-19, a lot of our lives revolve around learning to adapt and protect ourselves, to keep us and our family members safe. While there is a lot already discovered about this virus, there are still a lot of things we are unsure of. One of those things is how Covid-19 affects the brain. At Braingymmer we are especially interested in finding this out, along with how to prevent and treat any issues that may arise due to the disease. 
Alzheimer progression

New Research

There is already a lot of research floating around which points to strange symptoms of Covid-19. Loss of the capacity to smell, an increase of the potential to get a stroke and chronic fatigue syndrome, just to name a few. Now there seems to be a new type of research emerging: research on loss of memory, cognitive decline and dementia.

When you become severely ill, the body sacrifices a lot of its energy to fight the disease. This means that certain functions of the body are shut down to conserve energy. This happens to the brain as well. The cells that are usually responsible for your memory, are suddenly activated to fight inflammation. In this process, they can become damaged or change shape permanently. Because of this, people who are at risk of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, run a high risk of their mental state declining rapidly due to Covid-19.

How to Cure & Revalidation

One thing that has been proven to be effective to protect the brain is to take anti-inflammatory drugs. This decreases the damage to your cells and preserves their health. Another proven tool is brain training. While brain games and memory will not help in curing this disease, in the aftermath of it, brain training websites such as will help you to keep your mind in shape through various ways of training your brain and memory. Research has proven that brain training and brain games significantly reduce your chances to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It has also proven to slow down its progression if you do happen to suffer from dementia.
Alzheimer progression
While there is a lot to be discovered about the brain, especially during these times of Covid-19, there is one thing we know for sure: now is the most crucial time to keep your body and mind in good shape, to build a strong immune system and to build a strong mental defense. While everyone is spending more and more time indoors, use brain training as a tool to pass the time in a fun and interactive way, while reaping many beneficial rewards for a healthy brain. Make sure to train your brain daily by making use of the wide variety of brain games available on to get the best results.