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6 tips to improve your memory

By Vincent10 June 2015

We’ve all experienced the moment when you walk into a room and thought ‘What was I going to do here?’. Our memory sometimes lets us down and we forget certain things (unless you’re an elephant). To improve your memory a bit, here is a list of tips we put together for you.

Tip 1: Repeat

For example, when you first meet someone and he tells you his name, repeat his name after he tells you! Also try to use his name often in the beginning, like ‘How did the meeting go today, John?’. This will help the brain reinforce your memory with a specific connection.

Tip 2: Change up your daily routine

If you have the same routine every day, you should try to change it up a little. Take a different route to work, leave home a little earlier. Buying your groceries at a different supermarket every now and then can also be something to change up your daily routine. Routines place your brain in ‘low-energy mode’ and allow you to expel little energy. If you change your routine, your brain becomes more active, since you’re not doing to the same thing over and over again. In turn, this means that your brain is able to remember things better.

Tip 3: Take care of yourself

It doesn’t matter how stressful your week is, you are always the number one priority! It is easy to skip the gym or grab a bag of chips instead of dinner. But you need to take some time to take care of yourself. When you are healthy and well-rested, you reduce your stress. Less stress means you being sharper and more productive throughout the day. Take a bath, go to the gym, go for a walk, as long as it’s beneficial for your body, you will notice the difference it makes!

Tip 4: Eat some sushi

People who have fish once per week have a 60% lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Fish is a great brain booster, so try to substitute at least one meal a week with cooked fish and your memory can already improve a little.

Tip 5: Read books

Reading helps you concentrate deeply on the written words while working out an underused part of the brain. Try to find new books and read different perspectives on current events from different outlets. Build a collection of your favourite blogs and try to read often (like the ones on our website, hint!).

Tip 6: Play a game!

Who said work has to be all fun and no play? Take a few moments to challenge yourself by playing a game. To train your memory you can play brain training games to improve your memory, speed and more! Try it!
We hope these tips help you with improving your memory. If you apply a couple of them you should be able to tell the difference if you’re doing it right. Good luck with improving your memory!