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6 most important brain exercises

By Bram 07 October 2014

According to dr. Oz, known from Oprah, there are 6 important ways to train your brain.

These exercises all improve your mental fitness:

Exercise 1 - Look for new, uncomfortable situations

This might sound easier than it is. It may even feel be a bit strange at first. Most people try to avoid these kinds of situations as they are afraid to make mistakes. However, by travelling a lot and finding a lot of new social contacts you can train your brain. This way, your brain makes new connections.

new situations

Exercise 2 - Challenge yourself by playing challenging games

You can train your brain by playing ‘word’ games and crossword puzzles. It is even more fun to increase your boundaries by playing challenging brain games. The brain games on BrainGymmer adapt themselves to your abilities and form an exciting way to practice your cognitive abilities.

brain training brain games

Exercise 3 - Play sports and get enough physical exercise

When you play sports and exercise enough, you improve the quality of your blood vessels. This means your blood flow gets better as well which means your brain can perform better too, even when you get older. So when you train your body, you train your brain as well.

yoga, sports, healthy

Exercise 4 - A glass of wine daily

This sounds strange perhaps, but taking a glass of wine daily can lower your blood pressure. This means you won’t get stressed that quickly and you will have a clearer state of mind.

glass of wine healthy


Exercise 5 - Eating enough of omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids (unsaturated fatty acids) improve the quality of your blood vessels as well. A lot of researches show that these fatty acids are very important to your thinking facility. Omega 3 acids are found in fatty fish but you can also buy them as a supplement. If you want to optimize your brain training, you should consider eating some fish or taking some supplements.

salmon omega 3 fatty fish

Exercise 6 - Try to handle stress with ease

This may sound easier than it really is but this is very important. A bright view of the future will help you tackle problems more with ease and will keep your mental health at a high level. Take time for yourself, get rid of the past if it haunts you and keep on dreaming instead of worrying like this man.
Evade stress

Bonus exercise - Learn Early

Brain training works best when you start doing these brain exercises from a young age. You can start today with training your brain by playing our brain games and you will benefit from it the rest of your life. Eating healthy food, getting enough sleep and trying to meditate occasionally are a few things you can do to keep your brain healthy and keep your cognitive skills at a high level at an advanced age.