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"WOW! This website is truly amazing, it's better than any other website I've used; there's so much to do at such a very high standard. Very much recommended. ***** STARS"


"Good brain exercise.  I like the way you need different strategies for different levels."


"Awesome game. I can really feel the stimulation with every effort to match the pairs.”


"My students LOVE this site as do I!
I am 65yrs YOUNG and love the challenges THANKYOU from all of us!! BLACKBOARD JUNGLE PRIVATE TUTORING.
Regards Maggie"




"Man man very good !!!! Old brain has to work now great stuff !!!"

- ianmac5506

"I am dyslexic and have Irlen Syndrom so I am quite pleased with my progress"


“It is an excellent game for memory, which I really need! Thanks!!!"


"I absolutely love this game! If I can master this one then I've mastered my memory problems."
-Deborah Hines

"Makes me feel smart. Real or not, it's a good feeling."


''Wow... very, very hard!!! I didn't do a lot of puzzles growing up! I wish I had. I know now, at 50 years old, that they are very good for you.''

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