I forgot my password
I don't have a free account yet


How can I become a member ?
In case you have not registered  on the site, first go to the register section. Then, go to the Upgrade section and upgrade your account to full membership.
Problems with login
If you have trouble with logging in on the BrainGymmer platform, go to login. If you have forgotten your user id and/or password, we can send it to you again, just request a new password here. You must enter the email address you used during your intitial registration.
New password
You can change your password here.
New e-mail address
You can change your email address here
PC Browser support
Braingymmer supports the following browsers:
Internet Explorer 9.0+ (download: Windows)
Firefox 3.0+ (download: Windows, Mac)
Safari 4.0+ (download: Mac)
Google Chrome (download: Windows, Mac)
Other browsers might work, but are not guaranteed.
Braingymmer on my mobile phone or tablet
BrainGymmer is available on the majority of mobile phones and tablets, so you can train wherever and whenever you like, on your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android phone or tablets. You do not need to install any software on your phone or tablet, because BrainGymmer just runs within your browser. 
Questions about billing
You can check your subscription plan in the MyBrainGym - Membership section in the platform , you can see if you have a monthly/ quarterly/halfyearly/yearly subscription, and you can see when your next payment is up. There is also a cancellation option available on the same page. 
How can I pay ?
Payment options vary per country. In the Netherlands, you can pay with iDeal, direct debit, paypal or credit card. In all other countries you can pay via paypal or credit cards.
How can I delete my account ?
You never need to delete your account, if you want to stop your paid membership you can do that on the MyBrainGym page. We keep your data so you can easily continue training by just re-activating your account. If you want to delete all your data, you can contact us via email.
Need more help ?
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